Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bagging the Bird

I've cooked a jillion turkeys in my life (okay, seven, maybe eight) and we've ALWAYS used the Reynold's Bag.  Easy, no mess, FAST, tastes awesome.  That was the plan this year.  Until I read the bag, oh, on Saturday the 22nd.  Of November.

Max for the large Turkey Bag is 24 pounds.  I have a 47# bird!

Luckily I have very smart co-workers.  One handed me a sorta big enough pan.  On Monday.  Another told me about this brown bag cooking method.  She described it and I thought, "that just might work".

Off to get brown paper grocery bags.  

Lots of them.

A thick handful.

And then another thick handful.

I did buy stuff at the grocery store also so I only felt a little guilty as I snuck off with my stash.

I got home, cut off the bottom, opened them up and stapled five of them together.

Yes, five.

The dog is certainly not sure what to think

Here's the premise, short version:

  • Empty the bird of giblets and neck.  Since it is our own bird, I knew I had already done this.
  • Fill cavity with a carrot, onion, garlic cloves and celery.  
  • Put bird into a paper bag.  Since this was not going to conventionally be lifted and wrangled into a bag, we opted for the open method.
  • Staple it closed and put it in the oven.
  • Oven at 350 degrees, 13 minutes every pound.  That makes 13x47= 611 minutes, or 10 hours.  Okay....
We did poke the oven probe into it before we put it in to make things easier.  We even got it on the correct side of turkey/probe connection.


...To here... here...

Not bad for 1:00 am. 

Let's see what happens next.

To see where all this started, go here:  The Really Big Thanksgiving Turkey Drama

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