Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Really Big Thanksgiving Turkey Drama

Okay, this 45/47# turkey bird thing has gone bezerk.  So I'm going to try to do a running tally of the unfoldings.

To start, we raised this bird from chick/baby/whatever you call a teeny fuzzy turkey.

He was raised as a meat bird so we knew he would get big.

Just not that big.  We finally had to butcher him before his little legs snapped from the weight.  He was raised on grass, garden vegetable trimmings and a little bit of grain.

We did our own butchering and he dressed out at 47 pounds.  To prove to unbelievers, I recently took a photo of this, but, since I was on my own, couldn't balance the thing on the people scale and still read his weight, the scale only read 45#.  Still, he was 47# when we put him in the freezer.

Now we have to cook him.

Here's the plan.  He's been thawing for several days.  We are praying it's enough.

I was going to brine him and all that, but I couldn't find a clean, unused garbage can soon enough.

I was going to Reynolds bag him, until I realized they are only for 24# turkeys.  That's small potatoes.  So a co-worker suggested brown bagging him.

Then I realized I would have to staple FIVE of them together to MAYBE get him in.

For now he is still in the cooler.  At midnight, we attempt to put him in the oven.

Stay tuned.

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