Friday, November 28, 2014

Why Is The Timer Going Off?

My Really Big Thanksgiving Turkey Drama continuation...

Our huge turkey went in at 1:00 am Thanksgiving Day.

We did the brown bag method which meant, according to everything I'd read, it would be 13 minutes a pound at 350 degrees.  Thirteen minutes times a 47# turkey is 611 minutes or 10 hours.  Our oven has a probe (or a fancy meat thermometer ) so I can set the probe temperature at 165 and it will beep when the internal temperature is met.

So why is the damn thing about to go off at 7 in the morning!!!!????

Mathematically, this makes a 47# turkey mostly fully cooked in less than seven hours. 

Being smart, I pulled the probe out, stuck it in somewhere else.  Same thing.  I did this until I practically aerated the bird.

We put in a traditional meat thermometer (after a thorough hunt for it - anyone else keep theirs in their garage, hmmnnn?).  Read the same thing, if not a degree or so higher.

So we turned it off and let it rest.  And freaked out.

So see where this started, go here:  The Really Big Thanksgiving Turkey Drama

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