Monday, December 8, 2014

Tree Hoarding - Seriously???

I went out today and purchased a once-live Christmas tree, just like I've done for the past 24 years of our marriage.  This one was pre-cut (although farmed locally) so there is nothing sustainable about it (sorry).  It was $14.99 plus tax.  I strapped that sucker on the top of the Highlander and drove home (only stopping once to make sure it was REALLY tied down).

To my five acres of Christmas-tree-loaded farm.

Say whaaaat?

Honestly, we have hundreds of five to eight foot Douglas Firs, Nobles, Frasiers, Spruces, and I don't know what else planted across our property.

We have for seventeen years.

You see, when I announced my pregnancy to my husband, he went out and purchased about fifty trees - oh, and a tractor.  Go figure.  I don't know what his thought process was - he was procreating too?

Just one section of the rows and rows of trees.

See, in a bucket, ready to (some day) be planted.
And grow more.  That I can't cut down.

Anyway, he has purchased several hundred trees in the past sixteen years.  He goes to the supplier who supplies the Conservation District, so he gets little saplings for pennies.

Hundreds of them.

And pays teenage kids to plant them.  And he plants them.  And I plant them.  And everyone who ever comes on our property plants them.

Many of them are big enough where they aren't saplings anymore (like they were when we bought them).  They are full fledged Christmas tree size.

THAT HE WON'T LET ME CUT DOWN.  Not one.  Once a year, can't I have one?  Nope.  If I take that one, there will be a hole and we can see the neighbors.  Nope, that one and we can see the train.  Nope, take that one and we can see the one behind it.

Tree hoarding.  Never heard of such an affliction.  

One of us needs therapy.  And it's not me. :) 



  1. HAHA Whew. Well if youre going to have an addiction it could be a lot worse.
    When I first started reading I was convinced this was going to turn into a horror story about government regulations prohibiting you from cutting down your own trees. I felt my blood boiling before I even started so it was doubly funny at the end.
    Thanks for a great chuckle!

  2. lol... cute... I was laughing.... not that one, if you cut it down I will see the one behind it!
    Peace and Trees!