Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Everyone Works on This Farm

Living on property is not for the faint of heart if you like a relaxed lifestyle.  There is more to do in the day than there is day.

Lawns have to be mowed, pastures need to be hayed, chickens need to fed and foals need to be birthed.  Most of it is not done on your timeline either.  Hay (in our area) needs to be done when there is a four day stretch of no rain - not always convenient in the rainy Pacific Northwest.  Foals come in the middle of Thanksgiving Dinner (yes, really).  Grass has to be mowed sometime before it gets so tall it bogs the mower blades down.

Not always on my time schedule.

Seriously, what IS this for?
Which means everyone and everything on this farm must be capable of working.  Ours isn't a I-do-inside-you-do-outside kind of deal.  It's more of a here's-what-I'm-better-at.

Hubby takes care of anything with a motor.  (This one really isn't a farm-thing.  It's a we-had-a-girl thing.  He does motor stuff; I do the bra shopping.  The minute I have to do anything regarding a motor, he is going to be at Macy's with a red-faced, probably pissed off, teenager.)  He makes sure everything is in working condition and has oil and gas.  If it was up to me, stuff would freeze from lack of oil because it's not even on my list.  He is the one in charge of blades and belts and the stuff that comes out of the can that makes the blades spin.

Me, I'm in charge of the garden.  Hubby used to be in charge until he grew half an acre of okra that I didn't even know what to do with.  He was quickly fired and the okra was tossed into the woods.  Now I do all the seed ordering, tilling, staking, planting, weeding (crazily, I love this part!) and harvesting.  I am sorta (notreally) good at the preserving part, but only if it requires no blanching and the freezer and Ziploc bags.

The Teenager gets the poultry.  This is her domain.  After all, she's one who started the whole thing in May of 2013.  When she asked to get more chickens this past spring, I told her I was not opposed to four more.  Four somehow means sixteen to her and my math-challenged husband.  She also gets the job of mowing the lawn.  It is after all, a riding lawn mower and that kid needs all the practice with her driving skills that she can get.

The poultry get the job of eating all the leftovers in the fridge.  And bugs, worms and things from the ground.  They are particularly good at aerating the flower bed bark and spreading it into the lawn, thereby making my flower beds bigger.  Plus the eggs.  I guess the eggs are a job.

At least he's cute...
The dog - well, we're still trying to find out his role.  He's not so good at guard dog.  If you are above the age of 17, he might bark.  If you are 17 or under, he is super excited you have come to play with him.  He isn't real good at napping, being all ADHD and everything.  He can fall in the river chasing rocks real fine, but he sucks at getting himself back out.  He is SUPER good at eating every scrape of chicken crap anywhere on the farm.  We've made several attempts to fire him, but he just keeps reinstating himself into the role.  He is remotely okay and steering straggler chickens back in the pen, but we've not encouraged this.  So I don't know.  He's still a puppy.

Said teenager under a very perturbed cat because I
disturbed her Majesties nap with a flash! 
The cat.  The cat holds the teenager down.  That is pretty much her only purpose in this family
because I haven't found anything else useful about her.  She meows because the shower door isn't opened (and you haven't lifted her lazy ass into the tub), the teenager's door isn't opened, her food dish is only half full or you have not made enough room for her on the couch.  No, I've got it.  She's good at establishing your peripheral vision.  If you are walking, you always need to be aware of where she has planted herself in the middle of the kitchen.  That's all I got with her.

Making sure you establish chore roles in the farm family is one of the only ways anything is ever going to get done.  And you don't have one bitter person and two really happy people! Likesometimeshappenshere   Likeneverhappens here

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