Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My 7 New Years Resolutions - In February

It's still a New Year, right.  Well, Chinese New Year is right around the corner.

Anywhooo, I am finally getting around to making some Resolutions for this year.  Hey, I'm a little slow on the draw - read here to realize just HOW slow:  The Beginning of Acceptance

I don't do the I'm-going-to-lose-20-pounds or I'm-only-going-to-eat-from-scratch or I'm-not-spending-any-money-in-July.  Those are all perfect for some people.  Just not this people.

This year I came up with seven goals to get me through 2015:

1.  Make this place pay for itself.  I want to make enough money to cover the property tax and the cost of insurance.  While we don't have a mortgage, I want to equalize the cost of living here.  This could mean having one wedding here, getting more involved in the farmers market and getting paid for the basil that grows like a weed around here or selling a hell of a lot of eggs (okay, maybe not the last one).

2.  Paint the barn.  Good grief, the thing hasn't seen paint since the 1940's if it was that late (it's a 100+ year old barn).  And we already have the paint!  Sitting there.  Waiting for a paint brush.  And a teenager who is dying to paint it.

3.  Finish a project or two.  Like the addition.  Ten years and counting and I'm still waiting for a new kitchen!  Don't get me started...

4.  Take down the Christmas lights.  Before October.

5.  Get rid of the red van.  Seriously.  This has been on my Resolution List (which somehow became a proper noun) for the last fifteen years.  I'll have it there next year, too.  I'm just that confident.

Anyone need a 1979 Ford Converstion Van, Straight Six?
Doesn't Run.  You Haul.  Please.  Haul. Away.
6,  Scrapbook 2014.  And 2013.  And 2012.  And 2011...

7.  Live in the now.  Well except for the scrapbooking part - looking backwards is kinda fun.  I spend a lot of time thinking about spring vacation, summer break, getting apples off the tree in September.  I forget that it is the third day of February, rainy and dark outside, but I am healthy, have a non-leaking roof over my head and salmon and salad ready to go on the dinner table in fifteen minutes.

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  1. Last summer we got rid of our old non-running car too - we called a local junkyard, who came and towed the thing away AND gave us 200 bucks. I considered that a steal!