Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Day In The Life - The Bee Swarm

No rest for the weary.  After a long day at work, The Hubs and I were trying to relax on the East Deck (yes, they all have names because there is 4000 square feet of deck material around this joint, and just saying "I'll meet you on the deck" results in a scavenger hunt).  We were rehashing our day when I noticed a huge gathering of bugs.  I mean HUGE.  Right over by where the Hubs parked the truck.  And they were going in circles.

It was finally determined, by the Hubs, who just innately know this stuff, that they were honeybees.  (Because of this occurring in our area and the advent of social media, he put two and two together and came up with four).  Well, we thought four thousand (how little we knew).  One can only watch bees swarm for so long (and those of us with an attention span of a two year old, even less) so I went in the house.  Only to be called out ten minutes later to "come look at this".

How it all started.
Obediently, I did.

Holy, yeah, um, WOW.

These bees had made a swarm in the tree branch, which was really pretty stupid because it was windy and the thing was a roller coaster, but I'm assuming they know what they're doing.

We called up the family members that live in the area and they came to watch the "unplugged Television of our life".  Four of us watched as the entire group of bees left the branch and attached themselves to a small, lightweight pagoda that had blown down in the wind (leave my building skills alone - it was a mock-up for the real thing).  It took about ten minutes, but the tree-branch swarm slowly shrunk and the pagoda group, grew.  By this time we were on the phone to a neighbor we knew had a mess of hives, and a relative we knew had hives.  We couldn't get a hold of the neighbor, but we did get a  hold of the relative.

And then it went to the knocked down pagoda
While we contemplated just when he would show, he drove up the driveway.  Apparently he's showing now.


After small talk, he watched it for a while, said, "yeah, I've done this before" (which made him a professional to us bee-swarm idiots).  He commented that it was probably five or six pounds.  I asked how many bees that mean.  "Twenty thousand, give or take."

Say what?

Then he donned the white outfit (the technical term for I'm-not-getting-stung-for-you-people), grabbed his Rubbermaid container sans the lid, lifted the pagoda, banged it down and, quick, put the lid on the Rubbermaid.

That was it.  (We audience stood about as far back as we could and still see, and used a 70-200 lens on the camera)  He took off the white coat and hood and went on his merry way.

Only he left some.  We're not sure what's going to happen with these guys.  We have some neighbors who are going to come up tonight or tomorrow to see about getting them.  Yes, I will have the big lens on to capture the process for prosperity.

The "Leftovers"

Oh, as a side-note, afterwards we were recovering on the South Deck with a gourmet dinner of Doritos and Corona (oh, be quiet, you would too, if you'd thought of it), one particular bee was bugging us.  My husband batted it away at least eight times - until the ninth time when he batted it onto the dog.  Who promptly got stung in the leg.  Doritos and Corona got abandoned (for me to abandon the Corona for ANYTHING warrants something big-time), we Benadryled him, baking-soda-pasted him and gave him general lovings.  One bee down.  Dogs okay.


"Here, let me pose for you..."


  1. Fun! One man's nuisance is another man's pleasure? I'm happy the bees went to a new home. I'm still waiting to start seeing our wild bees buzzing around.

  2. Jacqueline JonesMay 26, 2015 at 8:42 AM

    Hi, I followed you over here from the Sunny Simple Life blog hop. It's that time of year for the swarming of the bees. I was out in the garden this last weekend and heard a weird humming coming towards me. That loud hum you hear when you walk past a huge old tree covered in flowers and the bees are happily doing their pollinating thing and you wonder if there is a helicopter trying to land in your back pasture. That humming, and it was coming towards me. Yeah, it was a swarm of bees. They were cruising along about 20 feet off the ground and went right over head. I watched them for as long as I could see em, I was secretly wishing they would decide to take up residence here.

  3. It's a little intimidating having all those bees around you!

  4. I'm glad we had three options in our gunny sack of people to call who would want these suckers!

  5. I've never seen bee's swarm like this. Thanks for the pictures! I hope your pup is all better!

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday! I hope you'll stop back again this week!


  6. We had never seen anything like this either. Luckily the Hubs is a smart one and he figured it out pretty fast. I did point it out though...