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A Day in The Life - Painting The Barn - Part 2

When we last met, the barn was still a funky shade of mauve.  In case you've forgotten, go here to catch up and then come back:  A Day In The Life - Painting The Barn.  I didn't know it would only be a Part 1 or I would have labeled it as such.

Who knew we would have gotten the damn thing finished before one of us died?

Well, I gave the ending away.  So much for the suspense.

Okay, to continue, everyone we asked (friends, neighbors, people in line at the grocery store that won't talk to us now) hinted that it should be darker.

So we went back to Sherwin Williams to find our buddy Anthony.  As luck would have it (at least for Anthony) he wasn't in.  Jeff was.  Jeff was a wee bit unsure about how to handle us and our buckets of paint (we left the primer at home).

Until he saw the photo.

Then Jeff was all about helping us.  He didn't want a mauve barn in his county any more than we did.  He said he would try (we gave him our "pipe dream" paint color and said "anything close to this").

Jeff called the next day and my Teenager answered.  "It's ready," he said, "I had to add two and a half gallons of dark and had to mix it in new buckets.  It's going to cost $60"

Sixty bucks - here's a check!

We drove in that day with high hopes/low hopes/no hopes/abject curiosity.

It was definitely darker.  And browner.  I didn't give a rat's ass.  It wasn't mauve.  Brownish red it was going to be.

Cue the boom lift.  Wait, what?

Yup.  There was no way in hell I was going to paint the thing on ladders, and scaffolding is so very inconvenient.  We rented a boom lift in 2004 when we did some work on the house and we were renting one now.

I didn't sleep the entire night before it came.

I was sure I was going to push the thing through the east wall of the barn.  Wait, the east wall of the barn is the corral.  How am I even going to get the thing through the corral?  What happens if I get stuck 28 feet up when The Hubs is at work?  The paint gun sucks.  How am I going to get a bucket of paint up there along with me and the spray gun?  Happily, so nothing/no one falls out?

Regardless of my lack of sleep, at 7:15 in the morning The Unit arrived.  It was brand fricking spanking new.  And I was going to get paint all over it!

Well, after I pressure washed the barn.

I know, I know, I'm breaking, like, 19 painting rules here, pressure washing then painting in the same 36 hours.

Here's the deal.  We got the thing at 7:15 on a Wednesday morning.  Which meant I had until 7:15 the next Wednesday morning to complete the entire barn.

It was going to be 95 degrees (in Washington State?) that day.  The water would dry.  I spent all of Wednesday pressure washing the barn, getting to know my new love, The Unit, all that jazz.

Thursday, The Guy I Let Live With Me had to go to work.  Wait, what?  I get The Unit all to myself?

I did and I didn't kill anyone or the machine or the sprayer.

The paint sprayer.  In hindsight, I should have dropped that thing from 28 feet so I could buy one that wasn't so fussy.  But we got into a relationship and, there was some love, lots more hate, and a barn load of tolerance.  From both of us.  But I still should have stepped out of the relationship during the honeymoon and smashed the thing all to sucky-paint-sprayer-hell.

See, pink primer!
I had a pretty good plan, utilizing the weather and all.  I would wake up at 5:30, prime/paint the side that was in the sun.  Then I would drive it around and paint/prime the side in the shade.  By this time it would be about 2:00. Three times I went out around 8:00 and worked until I couldn't see anymore.

I really had to pace myself because the paint sprayer would have me homicidal.  On two occassions it would vibrate the paint-holder-cup off, and the cup, full of paint, would go splashing to the ground.  Or the roof of the wing.  That was fun. Plus The Unit did not like going over the old silo concrete, and would get all pissy-beepy if you didn't lower it and set it straight.  4x4 my ass.  That thing pissy-beeped at me at least five times.

By Tuesday night, I was ready for the relationship with The Unit to end.  We both had our thrills, saw the sights and were ready to see other people.

Besides, I was done painting.

It was an exhausting week.  One of the hottest on record in Washington State.  There was never any dinner, lovingly cooked by anyone in the house.  We did set aside one day where we saw a 4:30 movie and went out for hamburgers.

The good news about only having the lift for a week:  I HAD to get it done.  I  had a deadline.  I couldn't decide, "oh, I don't feel like doing the tippy top today, let's wait until March".  Nope.  Doing it now.

As you can see, I kind of had an awesome view.

Needless to say, the barn is painted.  It will never again be painted in my lifetime.  What's done is done.  Next.

By the way:  28 feet.  It was 28 feet from the top of that roof, the the ground.  I know; I measured.

Oh, and more BTW:  Sherwin Williams only charged us $22.  So, figure we spent $180+/- on paint (neither one of us can remember if it was $20 or $30 for a 5 gallon bucket), $22 on the color change and $1400 on The Unit.  We came out putting $1602.00 into a paint job on a 50x50x28H building.  Not bad.  I've already booked the cruise with the money I would have spent on professional painters.

As you can see, it looks AWESOME!

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