Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Day In The Life - Adding to the Menagerie

We have a dog.  We have a cat.  We have chickens, ducks, roosters, geese.  We have cockatiels.

I think somewhere we still have a lizard.

Which means we need another pet.


Spoiler alert:  Yes, we got another dog - A puppy.

So life is starting over with all the training (both the puppy and the humans) and the awake-ness and the activity (read: hyper) and the exhaustion.

To back this train up, a little of the history.  The Teenager has been wanting a bigger dog for years.  She never bonded with our second schnauzer after we lost the first one during a routine surgery at the vet.  And she wanted something bigger; something she could take hiking (did I mention she doesn't hike all that much???).  When the schnauzer turned three we did start thinking about another dog, so this was fine.

She decided on an Australian Shepherd, standard size.  Great.  Now to find a breeder in Washington State and bring home a puppy.

Someone out there is laughing really hard because I can hear you.

It wasn't this simple.

Aussies aren't as easy to come by as we thought.  Plus they are damn expensive.

Fast forward TWO YEARS.  The Teenager had inquired about a batch in Idaho in February of 2015.  They were all spoken for, but she breeder would contact us when she had a litter.

Conversation forgotten.

Until the end of July when I get a frantic, all caps text from my kid: I GOT A PUPPY!!!!!!

Pick my frantic ass off the floor, because WHAT? Like, right now, in the car?  Don't we need to have a discussion about this?

It wasn't that bad - the breeder had just let my daughter know a litter had been born.

Now fast forward through the longest eight weeks of my daughter's life as she waited to bring the ball of fluff home.

She (the puppy, not the Teenager) was a Red Tri Australian Shepherd.

And she was in Idaho.

We are a wee bit east of Seattle, Washington.

To me, Idaho is just next to Spokane, a six hour drive.

Nope, not the breeder.  The breeder is at the bottom middle of Idaho.

An ELEVEN hour drive.

On a weekend.  See, school had started and we only had two days in which to make this trip (having the little gal shipped was not an option, in The Teenager's World).

So we were left with three options:

1. Drive both ways, a 22 hour trip, including food, gas, and hotels
2. Fly one way, rent a car, drive two hours to breeder then drive eleven hours, including food, gas, rental, possibly hotel.
3. Fly both ways, renting a car, driving two hour each way from airport to the breeder, including a rental car, some gas, some food.

We started out with option Number Two.  Flying with a puppy seemed scarier than being in a car with it for eleven hours.  Plus there was the whole crate thing and it was going to be around $200 more than then other two options.

By the time we landed in Boise, we opted for Number Three.

All in all, we left the house Saturday at 5:00 am, caught a 7:00 am flight, picked the puppy up at noon and were back on a plane in Boise at 5:20, landing in Seattle at 5:50 pm (totally forgetting there is an hour time difference).


This puppy better have gold teeth.

Anyway, she's been here for a week and we are all adjusting (some more than others).  Follow along on our Adventures of Autumn.

Here's Autumn.

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